Joined University of New Haven


Starting in September, I joined the University of New Haven (CT, US) as an Assistant Professor. I will support the UNH Cyber Forensics Research and Education Group and teach different lectures in the area of Cyber Security / Cyber Forensics.

Why I joined UNH? It is a small, rising University which is extremely practical oriented. I also like the idea of having cooperations with industry and do common projects. Another important point is the UNH Cyber Forensics Research & Education Group which give me the opportunity to continue my research in cyber security, hash functions and approximate matching. Furthermore, I look forward to extend my knowledge about network security.

What will I try achieve? I will teach different lectures in computer sciences. As a teacher, I have to prepare students for academic life. Thus, at the end of their education, all computer sciences students should have a good knowledge of mathematics, algorithms and programming. Besides this there are two main focuses. Firstly, I aim to expand the communication skills of my students, and thus courses often include presentations, group work, self-evaluation, writing of project reports and discussions. In addition, I encourage my students to spend a semester abroad or do internships. Secondly, I find it important to teach students how to work independently and develop their problem-solving skills – in other words to challenge them and try to encourage interest in research.