LaTeX Seminar on March 25th

(2015-03-18; General Info)

LaTeX is a powerful alternative to (Microsoft) Word for writing comprehensive reports/theses and is also often required by Journals in Computer Sciences, Chemistry or other Engineering disciplines. Some main features are: Free Easy to change templates (e.g., 1 vs. 2 column) Tools to maintain your bibliography (you can import references from google-scholar automatically and cite […]

Tobias Huppertz successfully defended his Master thesis

(2015-02-25; General Info)

Congratulations to Tobias Huppertz who successfully defended his Master thesis “an indexing approach for approximate matching using Bloom filters” on Wednesday, February 25th, 2015. This was a collaboration between the University of applied sciences (Hochschule Darmstadt) and the University of New Haven. Abstract A major challenge in digital forensic investigation is the automated presorting of data to […]

Moving to the United States – ToDo’s

(2014-10-04; General Info)

Moving to a new place is always a big huddle — moving to a different state is even a bigger one. While moving I took notes what I had to consider and had to do which I would like to share with you. This list is by far not complete but it might give you some […]

Joined University of New Haven

(2014-09-02; General Info)

Starting in September, I joined the University of New Haven (CT, US) as an Assistant Professor. I will support the UNH Cyber Forensics Research and Education Group and teach different lectures in the area of Cyber Security / Cyber Forensics. Why I joined UNH? It is a small, rising University which is extremely practical oriented. I also […]