The article “Data for digital forensics” was presented at IMF

(2023-07-04; Publication/Conference)

The paper Data for digital forensics: Why a discussion on `how realistic is synthetic data’ is dispensable was presented at the 12th International Conference on IT Security Incident Management & IT Forensics (IMF 2023) in Munich (Germany). Thank you to my co-authors Thomas Göbel and Harald Baier. The paper will soon be available via ACM […]

ChatGPT for Digital Forensic Investigation accepted at DFRWS APAC

(2023-07-04; Publication/Conference)

The article ChatGPT for Digital Forensic Investigation: The Good, The Bad, and The Unknown has been accepted at the DFRWS APAC 2023 conference co-located in Singapore and Hong Kong. Thank you to my co-authors Mark Scanlon, Chris Hargreaves, Jan-Niclas Hilgert and John Sheppard. The article will be available open access in the future. If you […]

Towards AI Forensics in the Journal of Information Security and Application (JISA)

(2023-06-07; Publication/Conference)

The article “Towards AI forensics: Did the artificial intelligence system do it?” has been accepted by the Journal of Information Security and Application (JISA, Elsevier) for open access publication. Details about the article are listed below. Special thanks to my former colleague and co-author Johannes Schneider. Note, that a first draft of this paper has […]