Survey about Cyber-Security in Liechtenstein

(2020-07-03; General Info, News Article)

On behalf of, the University of Liechtenstein conducted a representative survey with companies and administrative agencies in Liechtenstein and evaluated the results. The study shows a high risk of cyberattacks for Liechtenstein as a business location and advocates joint efforts by the country and industry to prevent cyberattacks and to raise awareness of security […]

DFRWS EU – Paper Accepted

(2020-02-19; Publication/Conference)

Thank you to my co-author David Palmbach from the University of New Haven (CT, US) for doing your masters project with me which resulted in the  the article: Artifacts for detecting timestamp manipulation in NTFS on Windows and their reliability. The paper will be presented at the Digital Forensics Research Conference (DFRWS EU) in Oxford in […]