New Article publised in FSIDI – Android application forensics

(2021-10-06; Publication/Conference)

Excited to announce that our “Android application forensics: A survey of obfuscation, obfuscation detection and deobfuscation techniques and their impact on investigations” is available open access in Forensic Science International: Digital Investigation 39C (2021) 301285. Thank you to my co-Authors: Xiaolu Zhang, Engelbert Lüchinger and Dr. Stephen O’Shaughnessy. The article can be found here.

Two articles accepted at DFRWS US

(2021-04-08; Publication/Conference)

Excited to announce that the following two articles have been accepted as full papers at DFRWS US and will be presented during the all-virtual event from July 12-14, 2021. What do incident response practitioners need to know? A skillmap for the years ahead Malware family classification via efficient Huffman features Thank you to my co-authors: […]

Joining the University of Lausanne

(2021-04-02; General Info)

After almost two great years with the University of Liechtenstein, I started a new position at the University of Lausanne (UNIL) in the School of Criminal Justice as an Associate Professor of Digital Forensic Science and Investigation on April 1st 2021. I am excited to join a thriving University, be surrounded by ambitious colleagues and […]