Interviewed by Ball Bearings Magazine

(2017-05-01; News Article)

Emily Sabens interviewed me for an article about Doxxing Vigilante – First Amendment Vigilantes. Ball Bearings is a student-run magazine that publishes in-depth storytelling in print, iPad and online. The publication explores issues that have a local impact on the Ball State University and Muncie community, but also worldwide. The full story can be found […]

Social Media Security: Beware the urge to “over-share”

(2017-02-08; TV Interview)

Story and Video is copied from WEST HAVEN, Conn (WTNH)–Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and and Tumblr. The more you post, the more exposed and vulnerable you can become. “A lot of people, they put their whole life online,” said Frank Breitinger an assistant Professor at the University of New Haven. “It is dangerous, you should really […]

Presenter at a National Training for United Nations

(2017-02-06; General Info, Publication/Conference)

Together with my colleague Ibrahim Baggili, I presented at the National Training “Crime Scene management in cases of terrorism related offences, including the use of internet for terrorist purposes, cyber offences and digital evidence” which was organized by United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Amman, Jordan from January 24th to 26th, 2017. Our presentation […]