Here is a list of tools that we created over time. For more information about the actual implementation or collaboration, see the corresponding publication (c+p the title(s) into the search):

mrsh & co.

(last update 2015/04/10)
is a similiartiy hashing / approximate matching tool equal to mrsh-net but uses Cuckoo filter instead of Bloom filter. This increases runtime efficiency and needs less memory.
(last update 2014/11/12)
is the network implementation of mrsh-v2 which has a single huge Bloom filter for the signature.
(last update 2013/10/04)
is the original similarity hashing tool that allows to compares files / folders with each other.

Further tools & data

(last update 2013/02/19)
is a testing framework for approximate matching algorithms. Special thanks to Georgios Stivaktakis for the development and Edward Raff for the installations instructions.
Tool x86 / Tool x64
(last update 2013/02/19)
an application that allows direct network-based communication with the Programable Logic Controller GE Fanuc Series 90-30 (no intermediate server is needed). Note, in contrast to what is mentioned in the publication, we removed the write functionality for security reasons.

Training Cases
(last update 2018/08/03)

Timelin2GUI Tool and the training cases (three test cases to practice Log2Timeline). To check for updates, please see the corresponding github page.
Digital Forensics Tool Table
(last update 2020/06/11)
is a list of forensics tools identified while reviewing almost 800 research articles from various digital forensic venues (2014-2019).
Estimate Levenshtein Distance
(last update 2021/10/14)
is a tool (written in GoLang) that can estimate the Levenshtein Distance (LD) between two or more documents and is significantly faster than the original LD as it works on compressed signatures.